How To Make Your Presence Known On Instagram

When everything is online now, you need to be too. Having a social media presence now is more essential than ever. It is so much more than a picture & video uploading app.

In actual essence, it is a platform that offers you the perfect place for your brand to get noticed, recognized & followed. There are a lot of factors in play here, which affect your following online.

Instagram is amongst the largest growing social media platforms available to you at your disposal. However, starting an Instagram page might be one of the easiest things you will ever do. But maintaining a relevant presence among your followers is not what many can do. So, here are some tips & tricks of the trade to create a space for yourself on this ginormous platform.

Engage with Your Followers

One of the biggest mistakes ever done by the account holders is non-engaged ability. The more you track followers and interact with them, the more you are relevant to them. The whole platform runs on an algorithm which is designed to check the engagement between you & followers.

You can start by having a conversation with your loyal followers, reply to them, make them know their time is highly appreciated.

Create Good Content

Having content that is relevant & also useful to the followers is what makes something good content. You need to source all of your Instagram feed to one goal & ideology. If you find & like something of a different approach, you might want to share that in private.

Posting contradicting content can get confusing for your followers. It will ultimately hamper your brand identity & image, which is certainly not an ideal situation.

Create a Consistent Look For Your Page

Consistency is the key to success on Instagram. Depending upon the nature of your account you should designate a look for your page. If you are a brand, you can start working with your brand colors to put across a better message to your followers.

If it is a personal account, limit the use of filters to a handful to create a seamless outlook for your Instagram page.

Do Not Limit To Pictures

The major fallback is when you choose the successful platform just to post photos, You can do so much with Instagram. You can add reels, boomerangs & videos to create a diversified & versatile profile to browse through. The more exciting and different your approach, the easier it is for you to grab the attention of your followers.

Start Having Live Conversations

One of the new & exciting features Instagram offers now is, you can start a live chat with your followers. This simple step can help you create a buzz around your name & help you connect with your audience.  Experts like LeoBoost have done extensive research on the importance of having an interactive session with your followers.

Connecting with your followers on a personal level will ensure they will continue to follow you for a long time to come. You can share personal stories, your favorite anecdotes, or even jokes for that matter. All your followers want is to be part of your life.

Having the right social media presence on Instagram is not difficult at all. The first step to nail the whole process is, knowing how it all works. If you can crack down the system on how Instagram evaluates the presence of an account, it will be a smooth sail for you from thereon. The best thing to make your presence known is to stay true to yourself & your brand. It is what will make you different & unique from the rest. Also, if you want to remain relevant on this platform, you will have to devote your time to it accordingly.

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