6 Essential Instagram Metrics to Track Your Business

In the beginning, Instagram is a simple photo-sharing app, but now it is developed beyond the expectations of social media explorers. Today it developed as one of the fastest enlarging social media networks. There is no wonder because many brands want to make use of its wide user base.

Many companies understand the importance of Instagram marketing strategy and promote their brands and reach their targeted audiences through this platform. But the other problem in this platform is the increasing level of competition.

Many companies are using their Instagram profile to grow their business successfully, but many are still feeling swamp in more than one way. You have to remember that marketing on Instagram is not different from doing on other social media channels. With the help of Instagram metrics, you can consistently analyze your Instagram performance.

So if you want to play the Instagram game wisely, make sure that you focus on these Six metrics from the beginning.

1 Growth Rate of Your Followers

One of the most popular and important metrics is the number of people following your Instagram profile. It is visible near your Instagram profile picture on the profile page.

Like Facebook, the number of followers you gain will not affect the bottom line of your business on Instagram. Your business account growth may seem slow when existing followers unfollow you, and new followers will join. So it is very important to analyze your profile and check if your followers’ rate is growing or falling.

2. Engagement Rate

Everyone wants their brand to get more likes on Instagram. The total number of likes you get will help you know how many people actually like and endorse your content.

Getting many of your followers to engage with your content will increase the probability of your content showing in their feed first. You can measure your Instagram engagement rate by using this formula:

Take an average number of likes, comments, and reposts your account has gathered over the particular period of the month and divide it by the number of followers you currently have.

3. Engagement Per Post

Working with the smallest details will find success in your Instagram marketing strategies. You always have to keep an eye on the engagement that you get from all of your posts. Doing this is not that complicated. You have to identify the top post that received much engagement from your followers in that week. Use this formula to calculate the engagement per post:

A total number of likes and comments you received on your content in that week and divided it by the total number of posts in your profile.

It will give you the average engagement per post. It will help you to increase your brand awareness on Instagram.

4. Engagement Per Follower

As a small business, you have to understand the importance of getting the right level of engagement. It is based on the total number of followers your account has.

Engagement per follower is one of the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) in your Instagram insights. You have to analyze it closely because if it increases, it shows that your followers like your posts. So you have to post regularly and interact more with your followers so it will generate more engagement.

If you don’t have time to post continuously, you can also buy Instagram reach for your posts to get more unique people viewing your content. It will also increase the total number of audiences visiting your profile.

5. Click-through Rate

You can use more reliable and trackable links to your website in your profile. They will help you to calculate the click-through rate of your Instagram profile. It will drive more traffic to your website and increase the conversion rate.

6. Best time to post

There is always a certain time of the day to target your audience. These peak times will have a higher activity than other regular times. Identifying the right and sticking to that will increase your reach.

Summing Up

Now you learned the Instagram metrics you must track while monitoring your Instagram growth. It is essential to know the basic metrics of Instagram. If you follow these metrics to track your business, it will help you get more engagement and organic visitors to your profile.

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